I am glad you are here!  I am passionate about helping others live their best life.  I teach others how to let go of limiting beliefs and live on purpose.  I have several tools in my toolbox and it is so much fun to see my clients shift.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!  I look forward to helping you breakthrough your blocks and connecting you to positive energy.

5 Ways to Know You are Engaged in Self-Sabotage

  Entrepreneurs have it made! Set your own hours! Be your own boss! Decide what you do and when you do it. It is awesome to be an entrepreneur until you don’t want to do what needs to be done. And if you are like most people, as soon as you fall into the funk of not wanting to do the tasks at hand, you engage in self sabotage. Self sabotage is taking subtle actions that destroy your long term goals and take you off course. Here are 5 ways … read more »

FREE DOWNLOAD: Inspiring Facebook Covers

I have found it helpful to have reminders of what I am creating.  Enjoy these Facebook cover images to help keep you focused on your vision.          

Astounding Ourselves.

Thomas Edison stated, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”  I have been giving this attitude much thought as I am knocking down old false beliefs.  Yes, even the teacher has negative ideas that stop me from progression.  Right now, I am preparing to launch my energy training program.  The time has definitely come and I am determined to empower others, yet the old silly lies continue to show up… “Who am I to teach others?  What do I really know?  I … read more »