Purely Alive

This 6 month course will teach you the Purely Alive Method of Energy Work. This program is for you if you are ready to embrace your own energy gifts and use them with others. You will discover your own intuition and learn how to rely on it. You will learn tried and true methods of using energy work with yourself and others. This course will include practice sessions with other group participants so you can fine-tune your skills. This learning environment allows for you to ask deeper questions and will you will be working on your inner self. The Purely Alive Mentorship will provide you the tools needed for you to know how to do your own energy sessions as well as empower you with clarity and vision about how to access your own intuition. The Purely Alive Mentorship will teach you every step of the Energy Blueprint.  This is the exact method I use with all of my clients, but more than that, you will discover yourself.  You will find your pattern of intuition and develop that gift so you can rely on it.

I am passionate about helping others be purely alive! I have created my own energy modality that helps others awaken their own intuition, while clearing old patterns of defeat & sabotage. We all have old false beliefs about our own power or past traumatic/stressful experiences that hold us back from living the life we really want. Those simple little beliefs can be easily released using Purely Alive techniques. Purely Alive energy work is all about letting go of those foreign ideas and helping you embrace your true personal power. I love using simple technique to teach you how to breakthrough the stress and be completely alive!

I see people everyone that are not fully living. Somehow life has become heavy and it is challenging to show up in full brilliance. We know that light is inside us but it feels hard to let it shine! The Purely Alive Mentorship is all about embracing that light, finding your own spiritual gifts, and using specific energy techniques to balance your body and spirit.

This Mentorship is an intimate spiritual journey and will open up new ideas and gifts inside you, while you learn how to work with energy.

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Here is what past mentorship participants have said:
“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this course from you. I’ve gained skills and a blueprint for energy work, which are so helpful as I try to help my family, my dT team, and people around me. But maybe the most important thing I’ve gotten is a focused course on how to listen to the Spirit, how to trust my instincts, receive answers to questions I have, and move forward with trust and confidence in my choices. I have also liked connecting with you personally and getting to know the other ladies in our group and hearing their stories and challenges and faith-building experiences. Overall I think this has mostly been a faith-building course for me. Like an intensive course of study in building faith and receiving answers with confidence.” — Sarah

“I have mentored with Ashlee for many years and I highly recommend working with her in ANY capacity – as a speaker, teacher, coach, or business partner. Ashlee is a true joy and light! She is continually growing in her beautiful gifts and its been a delight to see how she sharpens her skills and talents to serve others. She’s helped me crush business sales goals that resulted in achieving the highest bonus in our company as well as assisted me on a personal level to make important life and family goals. She connects easily with others to inspire and invite them to let go of limitations and take action in a profound yet simple way to move towards the direction of their goal. I love her faith-driven style and how she includes God in the process of her work!” — Kelly King Anderson



WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE MENTORSHIP?  The Purely Alive Mentorship includes:

  • Purely Alive Session Blueprint (Complete guide to simple & easy energy sessions)
  • Learn all the basics of energy work plus how to work with clients through BiWeekly Classes
  • Receive script foundations for visualizations
  • 6 one hour personal sessions with Ashlee
  • Monthly Group Q & A Calls with Ashlee
  • Session blueprints to help you be focused and organized.
  • Energy resources including 4 awesome books plus an app that I love
  • Rise Up Diamond Program for yourself or a friend. (3 month program with calls every other week)
  • Weekly personal development assignments to allow you to become more intuitive and grounded
  • Private Facebook Forum so you can ask questions, share your discoveries and receive group support.

WHAT DO THE BI WEEKLY CLASSES LOOK LIKE? The classes are held via Zoom.  This allows us to all interact and for me to see your faces and make certain all information is clearly understood.  Classes are generally one hour, although sometimes we go longer.  You are given homework to complete after each class.  Homework often consists of reading materials from the books I provide you or from online resources.  Homework may also include journaling and practice assignments. All classes are recorded and posted 24 hours later so you can access them again. Each class includes either a workbook or the powerpoint so that you can easily recall the information.

Class 1: What is Energy Work?
Class 2: Intuition
Class 3: Purely Alive Session Blueprint
Class 4: Energy in the Body
Class 5: Energy in the Body Continued
Class 6: Angels
Class 7: Generational Blocks
Class 8: Visualizations
Class 9: Energy Systems
Class 10: Energy Systems Continued
Class 11: Processing Live Energy Sessions
Class 12: Energy & Children

WHAT ARE THE PROGRAM DETAILS?  The Purely Alive Mentorship is held annually and is a six month course.  The next session begins February 2, 2017. Calls are held at 11am Mountain on Thursdays. All calls are held via zoom and are recorded so that you can review material at a later date if needed.

February – June, we use the following schedule:

Week 1 – Group Class

Week 2 – Private Session & Study

Week 3 – Group Class

Week 4 – Q & A

July is dedicated to practice sessions as well as Q&A so that you are confident in your new skills.  The program costs will be sent to accepted participants.

WHAT HAPPENS DURING MY PRIVATE SESSION? Private sessions fuel my soul!  Private sessions will be your time to be spoiled and to have your own blocks cleared.  Some students use these private sessions to work on their businesses or families, and sometimes our time is used to release old false beliefs.  Private sessions are fun because you fully experience the Purely Alive Blueprint while receiving clarity on whatever is currently happening in your life.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE ACCESS TO THE RECORDINGS AND INFORMATION? Officially, I will have the videos and materials available to you for one year but my intention is to always leave them available for you.

WHY DID YOU CREATE THE MENTORSHIP?  After working with private clients for more than ten years, I knew it was time to listen to the request I had heard many times.  “How do I do energy like you?”  My approach to energy work is unique and empowering.  While I love energy work now, in the beginning I struggled to find resources and systems that felt true to me.  I wanted energy work to fit within my Christian values and I wanted to be clear about God’s role in the experiences I was having with clients.  Over time, and with heavens constant help, the Purely Alive Blueprint was developed to answer that need. I have found many people want to develop themselves, fine tune their gifts, and be able to help people.  The Purely Alive Mentorship provides the space for individuals to dive deep and identify their intuition.  The Blueprint provides the framework so that participants feel confident helping others.

HOW DO I KNOW IF THE MENTORSHIP IS FOR ME?  Do you know how to access your own intuition?  Do you know how to connect with others and quickly help them?  Are you a coach and want to know how to help others breakthrough their false beliefs?  Do you wish you could trust yourself?  Are you ready to deepen your spirituality? Have you always wanted to know about energy work but don’t want it to be weird?  Are you ready to finally KNOW who you are and what gifts you have to offer the world? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be ready for the Purely Alive Mentorship.

You will know if this experience is right for you.  If you have felt the call to awaken your gifts, you will know.  If you are ready to clear out old false beliefs and be the real you, you will know.  If you have wanted a community that honors your experiences while supporting your growth, you will know.  If you have wanted to do energy work but haven’t known how to begin, you will know if the Purely Alive Mentorship is the next step in your journey.  The heart always knows.  If you have felt a spark or the Mentorship keeps coming to mind, trust your heart and apply for the program.  I will schedule a call with you and we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

I’M READY!  HOW DO I SIGN UP?  Participation in the Purely Alive Mentorship is by application only.  Please complete the application and we will schedule a call to make sure the program fits your needs.

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