Welcome!  I am Ashlee Miller and I help people explode their lives and business!

Besides being a Personal Development Trainer to my clients, I am a:

  • Vibrant mom of two fantastic boys and one beautiful girl who teach me how to love and live.
  • Happy wife to my husband (and business partner) of almost 15 years.
  • Teacher of faith-based results, natural healing, inner peace and prosperity
  • Student of the scriptures and other good works
  • Lover of delicious food, any kind of of travel, reading, and the beach!

I am happy you have visited my site and know you have come here for a reason!  I look forward to helping in you your journey.  I know you are meant to thrive in your life and business, at the same time.  You are meant to be successful, to feel healthy, to have joy, and to enjoy your relationships.  I can’t wait to help you get the life you want and deserve.

I was raised to be an entrepreneur while growing up on an Idaho farm and have not stopped thinking business since.  For more than the past ten years, I have trained both companies and individuals to create breakthroughs in their businesses.  I am in the business of helping my clients release the blocks that limit success and happiness.   Through my Belief Breakthrough programs, my clients let go of their old limiting false beliefs, negative past experiences and habits.  Businesses explode with new opportunities and profitability,  life finally becomes fun, and my clients become their true selves.  I love my work and business!

I am passionate about using my knowledge and gifts to inspire all who come in contact with me, to give them freedom to discover their personal power so they can fly and soar high and live the life they were born to live.