Every cook has experienced the crying that comes from working with onions in the kitchen. As soon as the knife cuts into the pungent onion, our human eyes begin to water and the floodgates open.

Did you know the energy for that familiar pattern can be cleared? It is so fun to cook without the tears, while recognizing how amazing energy work is! I am constantly amazed that my previous problem of tears in the kitchen is no longer an issue for me – all because of a simple energy release and affirmation.

If energy work can release my association with tears and onions, imagine what it can do in other more important areas of your life! Energy is everywhere and when we know how to work with the natural laws that are energy-based, life is experienced in new ways. We no longer react to those little bumps, we release the feeling of being stuck, and we are free to create our best lives. My knowledge of energy has released patterns and tendencies that have been passed on through my ancestors, as well as the false beliefs and patterns I developed on conscious and sub-conscious levels. Energy releases free us and allow us to feel whole. It’s a good feeling and I love to help my clients enjoy that level of peace and balance.