I don’t always choose a Word of the Year but was pondering what may be right for me in 2019.  While sitting at Church, I told Heaven, “You choose the word and I will do it.” A risky faithful promise as sometimes I have learned some tough lessons from the Word of the Year (I don’t recommend choosing “patience” or “humility” for life surely provides enough of  these experiences without attracting more!) But after tuning into Heavenly Father’s plan for me, I knew there were lessons that He had prepared if I would open myself to the learning. The word immediately came to mind. Seek.

Seek me.

Seek learning.

Seek joy.

Seek miracles.

I started studying “seek” in the scriptures and found hundreds of references inviting me to trust the Lord and his promises. I loved the pattern I could see in the scriptures and knew seeking would bring depth and blessings. I then started studying  the Come Follow Me material and this question called me to answer: “What seek ye?”

I mentally thought through what I am seeking and immediately knew there is more for me. The Savior asks his disciples this question. Disciples who were already following Him!  I could see myself in these disciples.  I think I am listening to and following the Savior but there is much further to go! I could almost hear the Savior saying, “Okay. You found me in the midst of a crazy December but are you ready for me? Good for you for focusing for one month, but what do you really want now? What do you seek?”

The scriptures made it clear that mega revelations can happen by seeking. Count me in! I am seeking God and Jesus Christ. I am definitely seeking greater business success, better health, deeper relationships. I want to make an impact. I want more fun. I am seeking to be a better parent. I made a list on my phone of everything I am seeking and realized Heaven was giving me the perfect focus for 2019. My hope is to Seek Him in all that I do.