The LITMUS TESTI am seeing tons of social media friends determined to simplify!  I have friends clearing out their homes to go live on the road in RVs, I have friends clearing out the clutter, and I have friends saying “no” more often.  Perhaps we all need to simplify one aspect of our lives or another.  Seeking greater happiness, my friends are recognizing that material things and picture perfect lives are not where joy is found.  Joy is found in giving ourselves permission to be ourselves!  Joy is achieved by listening to the voice inside and honoring what she knows.  She is a smarty pants, but sometimes we completely ignore her, which often leads to frustration and unhappiness.

Too often we say yes to the wrong things.  And we tell ourselves no to the activities that would actually cause us delight.  We keep belongings that no longer serve us.  (I know you are not a hoarder, but do you have anything around your home that no longer serves you?)  We ignore our intuition in order to please others.  We stifle our own desires either because we are fearful of disappointing others or because we just don’t stop and listen to our spirits!

Happy lives can be found in learning to ask and truthfully answer fantastic questions.  Here is the litmus test that can be applied throughout your life:

Does this spark joy??

As commitments and opportunities come your way in your business, you will know if you should participate if you simply ask yourself those four words. Does speaking at this event spark joy?  Do I feel a spark of joy when I think about partnering with that person?

Does this pair of size ultra-small-maybe-some-day-they-will-fit jeans hanging in my closet spark joy? Or do they bring in a different feeling?  If they don’t spark joy, I need to pass them on to some skinny toothpick that will find delight in them!

Does going to meet my friends with the kiddos in the park spark joy in my heart?  Some days, yes!! This week?? I chose to just get back in bed and read my Kindle!  Yes, I could have gone to the park and would have had fun – but truthfully my spirit craved some quiet time.  So without any judgement and a little giggle, I got back in bed in the middle of the afternoon.  This simple indulgence did spark joy!!

I am not suggesting you give up on life and get back in bed every day – but I am challenging you to be honest with yourself and seek joy.  Let go of the activities that no longer lift and inspire you. Commit to find sparks of joy in both your life and business.

Your heart knows!! Your heart is designed to give you that little spark so that you can find the things that truly make you happy!   We should be experiencing sparks of joy on a daily basis.  We are meant to be happy but it is up to us to create that in our own lives.  When we increase our joy, we naturally increase our positive energy.

Try this simple tool out and let me know how it works for you!