Thomas Edison stated, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”  I have been giving this attitude much thought as I am knocking down old false beliefs.  Yes, even the teacher has negative ideas that stop me from progression.  Right now, I am preparing to launch my energy training program.  The time has definitely come and I am determined to empower others, yet the old silly lies continue to show up… “Who am I to teach others?  What do I really know?  I don’t know how to do this…” And that is just the tip of the iceberg!  While I do have self doubts, I also know that there is a God in heaven that walks by my side.  Everything I have ever learned or accomplished has been by His power.  He is the God of miracles and if He can help Esther, Moses, Adam and so many more, He will surely help me.

Sometimes I wonder why we are afraid of growing and developing ourselves.  It is one of our greatest purposes – discovering our own greatness, yet that path can be filled with potholes big enough to get stuck in.  Mr. Edison knew that there was a deep power inside him.  He knew that he could only fail if he gave up on himself.  Despite being kicked out of school, blowing up labs, and tremendous disappointments, Thomas pressed on.  He knew that there was something great lying inside himself.  He would not accept anything less than bringing forth his vision.  Surely he had mastered the negative thinking and had determined to not allow any present circumstances or others to stop him.

Why do we stop our progress?  The reasons are varied and too numbered to list, but two come to mind.  One, we compare ourselves to others.  We look to our neighbor and decide that we fall short and are not enough in some way.  We then allow that thought to spiral until we are certain that we really don’t have any business pursuing that crazy dream!  For instance, there are many forms of energy work in the world – some are brilliant and some make me uncomfortable. I have studied many books, learned from great teachers, and even attended some courses, but at the end of the day, the way I do energy is totally different from anything I have encountered.  I have been taught moment by moment and client by client.  I have brought questions to the Lord and He has taught me the next step to helping others release negative energy.  Am I an energy expert?  I don’t know if I am an expert, I do know that I have learned a lot about energy over the last ten years!  More importantly, I uneqivacolly know that there is something that happens when I help others discover their own truths so they can feel alive and connected!  I have watched clients come alive and be present once we clear out the negative thinking.  I can have an awesome experience unless I allow self doubt to creep in and wonder how my own approach compares to others.  Comparison is never a winning approach.  I either cut down another or cut down myself, either way I am left feeling empty on some level.  If I want to make progress, I have to keep my eye fixed upon an immovable standard.  For me, that standard is always a question like these: “Am I accepted by God? Am I doing the right things for God? Is my heart in the right place?  Am I pleasing Him?” If I am pleasing Him, I am on the right path and it doesn’t matter what others offer or do.  My path is my path and I get to honor that fact.  I choose to let go of any comparisons and progress in exactly the right ways at the right times according to His will.

Another reason we don’t progress is that we overthink it! Overanalyzing can cause us to completely stop progressing.  It is okay to move forward without knowing all answers.  It is exhilarating to take a step of faith.  Progress, not perfection, is the goal.  When I overthink my projects or business ideas, they often never leave the ground.  When I just move forward, trusting it will all come together, my ideas do take flight.  Yes, sometimes there are some unanticipated bumps, but I am going for progress and so it is okay.

I challenge you to let go of the habits of comparison and overanalyzing.  Move forward with faith and courage.  Develop the confidence needed as you make simple steps to become who you really area and fulfill your personal mission.  For me, my next step is launching my Purely Alive energy training. I am ready to astound myself and take that leap of faith!