It all started with the right outfit…or did it?

Truthfully, the best date I ever went on was with my husband a few months after we had our first baby.  New outfit hiding the post-baby pooch? Check. Reservations at the Boom-Boom Room for a sweet Italian dinner? Check.  Babysitter?  Check.  All of the pieces were in place for the perfect date.  And it is still a very memorable date, more than six years later.

I remember that date was the first time I wore heels with jeans and I remember the cool high tables at the restaurant.  I remember enjoying Justin and our uninterrupted conversation.  I remember carrying a REAL purse and not a diaper bag. But those details have nothing to do with why it was such a fantastic date.  That date was great because of stuff on the inside.  Something had clicked inside me and I had given myself permission to have the best date ever.  I gave myself permission to completely enjoy the experience.  I told myself that I deserved to have a great time, and then I did.  I have enjoyed many HOT dates since I  discovered my own power to have a great time.  It was no longer about the right outfit or the right reservation.  It was all about my heart and how I treated myself.

It is a funny thing that what we experience is completely influenced by what we condition ourselves to believe.  So many of us are creating what we don’t want and that is such a waste of our powerful minds.  Stop and ask yourself, “What do I really want?  What do I deserve?  What will I create?”  Condition your mind to only think about the things you REALLY want and watch those experiences flow to you. Whether your  schedule includes a hot date, a quiet weekend with the kiddos at home, or a jam-packed weekend with tasks to complete and events to attend, I hope you have the best weekend ever!  DECIDE NOW what you will experience and then go make it so.

All my best! Ashlee

PS….If you do have a favorite pair of heels, find a way to wear them this weekend too! 🙂