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Every few days I do affirmations with my children.  I give them positive statements and they willingly repeat each phrase.  Even my 2 year old can do it.  As soon as I tell her to repeat “I am smart” she obeys and then if I pause just a moment longer, she will say “I am sweet.”  I love that she knows what affirmations are coming  – I hope that I am creating little pathways in her brain of positive thinking! I love this poster of affirmations for kids.  You could use them as secret notes stashed on a pillow, in a drawer or even in a lunchbox.  You could also print out the poster and display it so your children can remember they are awesome!

Vision Board

A vision board is a visual reminder of what you want out of life.  It can include images or words that trigger excitement and passion in you.   It can be useful to create a vision board and place it in a space where you will frequently be reminded to go for your dreams.  The vision board is a powerful tool when you are trying to manifest changes, opportunities or experiences into your life.  Many people collect motivating images from magazines and make a collage but I like to create a digital vision board.  You can use Pinterest or a software program like Photoshop to create your own digital vision board.

Below you will find some ideas of what to include on your vision board as well as a couple examples from my board:

  • goals associated with your business or work (advancements, recognition, degrees, training, etc.)
  • health goals (food, exercise – I am learning how to eat even healthier and just took a great grains cooking class to move this goal forward)
  • financial goals (dollars in the bank, debts paid by a certain date, etc.  I have a picture of money growing on a tree that represents my residual income.)
  • social needs and relationships (I am attracting friends who get me and a personal assistant!)
  • hobbies or vacations you want to experience (I am sitting in Aruba as I write this post – every vision board I create has a picture of a tropical destination on it!)
  • quotes you love (Pinterest has hundreds of these!)
  • pictures of clothes, toys, or other fun things you want some day (I got my jogging stroller I wanted!  I found it used and an excellent shape at a garage sale!)

If you have ever thought, “I wish I could….”  put it on your board!

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to create a digital vision board.  You can create boards for each aspect of your life.  For example, if you hope to travel or go on a vacation, you can pin your dream vacation photos onto that board.  You could also create one giant board that contained images representing your entire vision board.  I used Pinterest for a long time but found it did not meet my needs for two reasons.  One, it was too easy to “pin” any old image that half-way excited me.  I had dozens of pins that I liked but I was not truly focused on manifesting many of them into my own life.  My second challenge with my Pinterest Vision Board is that I did not go and review my vision daily – while it was conveniently online and very organized, there is something powerful to actually seeing your board and being forced to think about it throughout the day.

I now create my vision board using Photoshop but you could do a similar thing in PowerPoint, PicMonkey, or any software that allows you to place images in the file.

If you wish to create a vision board using Photoshop, I recommend beginning with a file that is 16 x 20 so you can create a poster of your vision board. If you are using PowerPoint, a letter size file will work just fine.

I use Google searches to find images that represent what I want in my life.  I put a variety of images on my board – some are easy like the fact that I want new kitchen towels.  Other images represent long term business or family goals.  I look for images that create a positive emotion inside me – they need to excite me from the get-go or they won’t be enough to motivate me when I see them later on.  As I find images, I use my mouse to right click and copy each image.  I then go into my software (Photoshop or PowerPoint) and paste the image or graphic on a single page document.  If you want to include several images, place the images nice and tight so there is room for your complete vision.  Be sure to save as you go so that you won’t lose your work.

Once you have created your vision board, you can print it out at home or use a photo service.

I send my 16×20 image to Costco and have a poster printed.  You will want to watch the cropping on Costco’s site when you do this to be sure you don’t lose the edges of your file when the poster is made.  (You could also leave a nice white border around the edges when you create your vision board.)  A large poster like this only costs a couple dollars to print.  I have mine posted in my bedroom on a magnet board.  I can easily add new images around my main vision board if I see something that excites me.  I also order a 4 x 6 print so that I can keep my vision board with me as I travel.

If you are using PowerPoint, you can create your file and then save it as a .jpeg if you want to be able to use a photo service to print it.

Creating a digital vision board and printing it is the easiest way to stay connected to your dreams.  Whether you choose to use old magazines or digital images, a Vision Board is a fun way to motivate yourself into action.

The following books have helped me learn about energy.  They are in no particular order but each has contributed to my education in some way.  The list is not comprehensive and I will add more titles in due time.


The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon

Light in the Wilderness – Catherine M. Thomas

Mutant Message Down Under – Marlo Morgan

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality – Donna Eden

Drawing on the Powers of Heaven – Grant Von Harrison

The Message – Lance Richardson

Love, Medicine, & Miracles – Bernie S. Siegel

Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust – Immaculee Illibagiza

Secret of Instantaneous Healing – Harry D. Smith

A Scriptural Discussion of Light – Allen J. Fletcher

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power – Joseph Murphy

Your Body Doesn’t Lie – John Diamond

Do I Have to Give Up Me to be Loved by God – Paul Margaret

The Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto

The LDS Gospel of Light – B. Grant Bishop

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – Karol K. Truman

Your Right to Fly – James E. Melton

Emotional Energy Factor – Mira Kirshenbaum

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life – Wendy Watson Nelson

Inner Bonding – Margaret Paul, PhD

Through His Eyes – Virginia H. Pearce

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

Remembering Wholeness – Carol Tuttle

Power vs. Force – David Hawkins

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

Heal Your Body – Louise Hay

Jackrabbit Factor – Leslie Householder

Hidden Treasures – Leslie Householder

Last week I found myself on planes from San Diego to Boston to Atlanta and Houston.  I drove throughout Texas and took the circuitous route to San Antonio.  By the end of the week, my jeans were feeling tight and, while my trip had been successful, I felt discouraged.  I just KNEW I had gained weight.  I could not gauge how much and so I decided it was probably 5 – 8 pounds.  I started thinking through how long it would take to come off and I thought of what I may have done different.  Sure I had found a drive thru or two, I may have ate pizza at a little hole in the wall near Harvard, and I am pretty sure I don’t regret that milkshake!  Ugh.

The funny thing is that I wasted so much time telling myself things that may or may not be true!  My thoughts became a run away train and I found myself entertaining thoughts like, “Next week I am eating only vegetables!”  (While a good idea, I know I am not going to do that which means the statement really just takes power away from me.)

When I finally decided to get on the scale, I discovered I only had gained 3 pounds. Three pounds.  Man, the mind is a tricky thing! I had myself convinced I would need larger jeans and that I would not be able to tackle this problem until my travels end later this summer.  I pictured myself throughout the summer feeling like a bloated beached whale! What a trip!  Pure guilt set in, self depreciating thoughts were making a mark, and I definitely was not owning my own power!

We MUST take control of our lives by taking control of our minds.  We must tell our minds the TRUTH!  It is time to stop letting the lies in your head determine your life experiences.  YOU were born for this time.  There are things that only YOU can do.  There are choice experiences all around us, but there is a distracting force that wants you to forget that you were indeed created for something more.  The opposition wants you to believe you are worthless, that your situation can not be salvaged, and that you are destined for a pitiful life.  This is simply not true!

Be bigger than me and do not let the fear of not being enough or gaining weight stop you in your tracks.  BE YOU!  Stand up, enjoy your personal progress, celebrate your commitment to yourself to live your best life!

I choose to let go of pain.   I choose to let go of punishing myself.   I let go of self doubt.   I let go of fear.

I let go of control.  I let go of judgements.  I let go of old view that limit me.  I let go of assuming what others think.  I let go of comparisons.  I let go of holding back who I am.  I let go of pleasing others at a cost of me.  I choose to see the love in every situation.  I choose to replace the fear with confidence.  I choose to remember the good.  I choose hope.  I choose faith.  I choose what I experience.

Aaak!!!  The pressure is mounting for the upcoming week and month.  My calendar is full, just like yours.  I have a plethora of new ideas to implement and I am ready to do it all.  I am creating great things and I am excited but I admit that I could stress out if I give in to the nagging feeling underneath all my big dreams.  So what will I choose?  Do I choose to be stressed out or do I choose to just accept what I am able to do as my personal best at this time?  Do I allow the stress to win out and stay in bed?  Or do I get up and play the game and see how it goes?  Each day, I get to choose what voice I feed.

The important thing to remember is that very few things that stress us out truly matter.  Most of what we worry about will pass by and won’t be remembered next month or next year.  We will forget that we spent one particular day fearing and procrastinating.   Very few things in life actually end up being detrimental unless we choose to let it have that effect.

You might thing this is easier said than done or that I am taking a Pollyanna view of life.  Maybe I am and maybe it is a bit hard, but I will tell you from personal experience that it is ultimately easier to choose  peace and happiness than any other alternative.  And so what if it is hard?  That which we consistently do becomes easier, so make the right choice and choose happiness.  Choose how you feel about the stress in your life.  It is not stress unless you call it that, so do not give your power away.  Take control and choose what you experience and watch your world change.  Let me know how it goes!

Ugh.  Today I had to make a difficult phone call.  I hate making these types of calls…the kind where I need to ask a company to do something for me and hope they will rule in my favor.  I feel like my future is dependent upon the other person on the phone understanding my position and feeling enough sympathy to help me.  I think all of us have experienced the frustration of calling a company to get customer service assistance! Today I stewed about this particular task for HOURS.  I pretended to be productive on other tasks.  I pretended to be really busy and focused on whatever I was working on, when really the “difficult” phone call was what I should be doing.

Finally I acknowledged that I was avoiding what needed to be done.  I was giving my power away to a state of fear instead of just handling things.  I committed I was going to make the call and got my paperwork in order.  I called the company and guess what?!  They were so completely easy to work with. My so-called difficult phone call was actually not hard at all.  The company representative understood my problem, went to a supervisor and got the needed approval and I had a favorable result within five minutes.  How sad is it that I spent the better part of today avoiding such a simple task.  Yes, it doesn’t always work out exactly how we want, but more often than not the things we worry about never happen.  We spend too much time anticipating bad endings that usually do not occur.  I could have spent the day visualizing my 2012 rather than fearing a silly phone call!  I can’t get the time back that I wasted today, but I can choose how I feel and act in the future.   I am in charge of what I feel and experience.  I get to choose if a phone call is difficult or easy.  I get to choose how I experience every aspect of my life.  Why make life difficult?  Nobody said, “Ashlee, this will be a very difficult phone call.”  I chose that idea!  I chose to live in the false belief that the company  would not like my request.  The fact is that we choose how we feel and react to everything going on in our lives.  When we own our power, we choose positive experiences and that is what we receive.

No more difficult phone calls for me!  Instead, I quickly receive great help from everyone I work with.

It all started with the right outfit…or did it?

Truthfully, the best date I ever went on was with my husband a few months after we had our first baby.  New outfit hiding the post-baby pooch? Check. Reservations at the Boom-Boom Room for a sweet Italian dinner? Check.  Babysitter?  Check.  All of the pieces were in place for the perfect date.  And it is still a very memorable date, more than six years later.

I remember that date was the first time I wore heels with jeans and I remember the cool high tables at the restaurant.  I remember enjoying Justin and our uninterrupted conversation.  I remember carrying a REAL purse and not a diaper bag. But those details have nothing to do with why it was such a fantastic date.  That date was great because of stuff on the inside.  Something had clicked inside me and I had given myself permission to have the best date ever.  I gave myself permission to completely enjoy the experience.  I told myself that I deserved to have a great time, and then I did.  I have enjoyed many HOT dates since I  discovered my own power to have a great time.  It was no longer about the right outfit or the right reservation.  It was all about my heart and how I treated myself.

It is a funny thing that what we experience is completely influenced by what we condition ourselves to believe.  So many of us are creating what we don’t want and that is such a waste of our powerful minds.  Stop and ask yourself, “What do I really want?  What do I deserve?  What will I create?”  Condition your mind to only think about the things you REALLY want and watch those experiences flow to you. Whether your  schedule includes a hot date, a quiet weekend with the kiddos at home, or a jam-packed weekend with tasks to complete and events to attend, I hope you have the best weekend ever!  DECIDE NOW what you will experience and then go make it so.

All my best! Ashlee

PS….If you do have a favorite pair of heels, find a way to wear them this weekend too! 🙂

When a problem strikes, you can only control what you can control.  You can’t choose how others behave, only how you will react.  Sometimes it is challenging to understand where others might be coming from.  It is hard to fathom others actions because we would never behave in the same way.  Rather than reacting and becoming upset when others upset us, we can instead become curious. Be curious about why they are behaving in such a negative way. Be curious about how you can avoid similar outcomes in the future.  Be curious about what facts they might be dealing with that lead to these circumstances.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it won’t kill you!  In fact, it may end up saving a relationship.  Be curious and offer love in your relationships!

You have dreams and ideas that are ready to be shared.  Your sister, brother, friend, neighbor or random Facebook acquaintance needs you to open up and give the answers you have found.  There is purpose in the lessons you have learned and you can end the struggle they face.  In fact, you know you were born to lead out and help others.  You know you have a message that is itching to come forth.  You have helped others and know what you know works to bring big changes to this world.  And yet, something holds you back.  Why do you not invite others to join you?  What are you afraid of?  What holds you back?

The time is NOW to speak up.  The time is NOW to provide a chance for others to learn and grow.  The time is NOW for you to produce your class, your program, your book, whatever it is.  The time is NOW to create big things.  So quit doubting and quit making excuses.  It does not matter if you are not ready.   The fact that you have the idea is enough for you to move forward with what you have today.  The seed has been planted and it is now time to fertilize your seed with positive actions and thoughts.  So get moving.  Start walking, one step at a time until you are running and then finally flying.  The time is NOW!!!

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