I choose to let go of pain.   I choose to let go of punishing myself.   I let go of self doubt.   I let go of fear.

I let go of control.  I let go of judgements.  I let go of old view that limit me.  I let go of assuming what others think.  I let go of comparisons.  I let go of holding back who I am.  I let go of pleasing others at a cost of me.  I choose to see the love in every situation.  I choose to replace the fear with confidence.  I choose to remember the good.  I choose hope.  I choose faith.  I choose what I experience.

Aaak!!!  The pressure is mounting for the upcoming week and month.  My calendar is full, just like yours.  I have a plethora of new ideas to implement and I am ready to do it all.  I am creating great things and I am excited but I admit that I could stress out if I give in to the nagging feeling underneath all my big dreams.  So what will I choose?  Do I choose to be stressed out or do I choose to just accept what I am able to do as my personal best at this time?  Do I allow the stress to win out and stay in bed?  Or do I get up and play the game and see how it goes?  Each day, I get to choose what voice I feed.

The important thing to remember is that very few things that stress us out truly matter.  Most of what we worry about will pass by and won’t be remembered next month or next year.  We will forget that we spent one particular day fearing and procrastinating.   Very few things in life actually end up being detrimental unless we choose to let it have that effect.

You might thing this is easier said than done or that I am taking a Pollyanna view of life.  Maybe I am and maybe it is a bit hard, but I will tell you from personal experience that it is ultimately easier to choose  peace and happiness than any other alternative.  And so what if it is hard?  That which we consistently do becomes easier, so make the right choice and choose happiness.  Choose how you feel about the stress in your life.  It is not stress unless you call it that, so do not give your power away.  Take control and choose what you experience and watch your world change.  Let me know how it goes!

Ugh.  Today I had to make a difficult phone call.  I hate making these types of calls…the kind where I need to ask a company to do something for me and hope they will rule in my favor.  I feel like my future is dependent upon the other person on the phone understanding my position and feeling enough sympathy to help me.  I think all of us have experienced the frustration of calling a company to get customer service assistance! Today I stewed about this particular task for HOURS.  I pretended to be productive on other tasks.  I pretended to be really busy and focused on whatever I was working on, when really the “difficult” phone call was what I should be doing.

Finally I acknowledged that I was avoiding what needed to be done.  I was giving my power away to a state of fear instead of just handling things.  I committed I was going to make the call and got my paperwork in order.  I called the company and guess what?!  They were so completely easy to work with. My so-called difficult phone call was actually not hard at all.  The company representative understood my problem, went to a supervisor and got the needed approval and I had a favorable result within five minutes.  How sad is it that I spent the better part of today avoiding such a simple task.  Yes, it doesn’t always work out exactly how we want, but more often than not the things we worry about never happen.  We spend too much time anticipating bad endings that usually do not occur.  I could have spent the day visualizing my 2012 rather than fearing a silly phone call!  I can’t get the time back that I wasted today, but I can choose how I feel and act in the future.   I am in charge of what I feel and experience.  I get to choose if a phone call is difficult or easy.  I get to choose how I experience every aspect of my life.  Why make life difficult?  Nobody said, “Ashlee, this will be a very difficult phone call.”  I chose that idea!  I chose to live in the false belief that the company  would not like my request.  The fact is that we choose how we feel and react to everything going on in our lives.  When we own our power, we choose positive experiences and that is what we receive.

No more difficult phone calls for me!  Instead, I quickly receive great help from everyone I work with.

It all started with the right outfit…or did it?

Truthfully, the best date I ever went on was with my husband a few months after we had our first baby.  New outfit hiding the post-baby pooch? Check. Reservations at the Boom-Boom Room for a sweet Italian dinner? Check.  Babysitter?  Check.  All of the pieces were in place for the perfect date.  And it is still a very memorable date, more than six years later.

I remember that date was the first time I wore heels with jeans and I remember the cool high tables at the restaurant.  I remember enjoying Justin and our uninterrupted conversation.  I remember carrying a REAL purse and not a diaper bag. But those details have nothing to do with why it was such a fantastic date.  That date was great because of stuff on the inside.  Something had clicked inside me and I had given myself permission to have the best date ever.  I gave myself permission to completely enjoy the experience.  I told myself that I deserved to have a great time, and then I did.  I have enjoyed many HOT dates since I  discovered my own power to have a great time.  It was no longer about the right outfit or the right reservation.  It was all about my heart and how I treated myself.

It is a funny thing that what we experience is completely influenced by what we condition ourselves to believe.  So many of us are creating what we don’t want and that is such a waste of our powerful minds.  Stop and ask yourself, “What do I really want?  What do I deserve?  What will I create?”  Condition your mind to only think about the things you REALLY want and watch those experiences flow to you. Whether your  schedule includes a hot date, a quiet weekend with the kiddos at home, or a jam-packed weekend with tasks to complete and events to attend, I hope you have the best weekend ever!  DECIDE NOW what you will experience and then go make it so.

All my best! Ashlee

PS….If you do have a favorite pair of heels, find a way to wear them this weekend too! 🙂

When a problem strikes, you can only control what you can control.  You can’t choose how others behave, only how you will react.  Sometimes it is challenging to understand where others might be coming from.  It is hard to fathom others actions because we would never behave in the same way.  Rather than reacting and becoming upset when others upset us, we can instead become curious. Be curious about why they are behaving in such a negative way. Be curious about how you can avoid similar outcomes in the future.  Be curious about what facts they might be dealing with that lead to these circumstances.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it won’t kill you!  In fact, it may end up saving a relationship.  Be curious and offer love in your relationships!

You have dreams and ideas that are ready to be shared.  Your sister, brother, friend, neighbor or random Facebook acquaintance needs you to open up and give the answers you have found.  There is purpose in the lessons you have learned and you can end the struggle they face.  In fact, you know you were born to lead out and help others.  You know you have a message that is itching to come forth.  You have helped others and know what you know works to bring big changes to this world.  And yet, something holds you back.  Why do you not invite others to join you?  What are you afraid of?  What holds you back?

The time is NOW to speak up.  The time is NOW to provide a chance for others to learn and grow.  The time is NOW for you to produce your class, your program, your book, whatever it is.  The time is NOW to create big things.  So quit doubting and quit making excuses.  It does not matter if you are not ready.   The fact that you have the idea is enough for you to move forward with what you have today.  The seed has been planted and it is now time to fertilize your seed with positive actions and thoughts.  So get moving.  Start walking, one step at a time until you are running and then finally flying.  The time is NOW!!!

I have been operating on an average of five (5!) hours of sleep for the last several months.  Despite every effort, our newest baby continues to wake up in the night.  I have changed my prayers from “please help her to sleep through the night” to “please help me to endure and still be a good mom with such little sleep.”  I am trying to surrender and just learn whatever I can while I am in this season.  That said, the lack of sleep does impact my physical energy, and, at times, my patience.  I also find it harder to be productive and to stay focused and on purpose.  It is challenging to be motivated to do everything when one is so tired!

Today I just wanted to stay in bed.  I could hardly force my eyes open but willed myself out of bed to go take care of my children.  They deserve my best and I want to give it to them.  However, by lunchtime I really just wanted to give in to my fatigue and call it a TV day.  I was tired, my house was a mess, I felt unproductive and Josie-grossie, and every noise made in my house sounded like the dreaded nails on a chalkboard.  My nerves were shot and I had fallen into a hole of negativity.

I knew I could just let my children watch TV all afternoon and get a bit of rest.  I knew they would be occupied and safe and I was tempted to give in to the urge.  However, I don’t want my kids to be couch potatoes.  I don’t want them to remember mom just laying in bed.  I want to teach them to work and play.  I want to be in their midst showing them how to love life, how to treat one another, and how to be happy.  I can’t do those things if I am in bed!  And don’t get me wrong, there are times where the best decision for the entire family is for momma to get some sleep! But today, I decided to just try.  I determined to give myself fifteen minutes.  I decided I am the one that calls the shots around here.  I decide if each day is good or bad, and I have the power to impact the success of my day.  I can have a less than desirable morning and still save the day by making conscious choices to participate in our family life in positive ways!  I can choose to smile through it and focus on gratitude instead of wallowing in my fatigue.  So with fifteen minutes on the clock, I left my bedroom to face the music.  I asked my children to help me and we picked up the messes.  We cleaned the kitchen and the family room and started a load of laundry.  I cut some fruit up to serve as a snack and I began doing energy work to shift my attitude and chase out the effects of sleepless nights.  And you know what?  Fifteen minutes was enough to change my bad day into a good day.  I was able to reengage in my life.  It was a simple choice and resulted in simple actions, but it was enough!

Getting busy for fifteen minutes may not be the answer every time, but it made all the difference for today’s set of problems.  I didn’t climb any mountains or set any records, but I did enough of what needed to be done.  I was able to be pleasant with my children and accomplish a few tasks that help keep our home happy.  And for today, that is enough.  Should you find yourself wanting to quit midway through a bad day, give yourself fifteen minutes and see if the landscape does not change!   Whatever it takes, you deserve a great day and you have the power to make it so.

Woohoo!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two months with our new baby girl.  She is amazing and reminds me of why I love my work and am passionate about helping others.

I look at her beautiful face and want so much for her.  More than anything, I want her to know how important she is.  I want her to know and remember that she is enough as she is. I want her to know she has unique gifts to offer the world.  I want her to know who she is and how to own her own power.  She has everything she needs to create beauty, to change lives and to be a person of influence.  She has come into the world and is free of the burdens so many of my clients face!  This little baby is free to be herself!  She freely offers herself, love, and smiles to everyone around her.  I look at her perfection and think of clients I have helped that struggle with self doubt and self sabatoge.  Right now, every thing is possible for my little girl.  And each of us start out that way.  Yet, somewhere along the way in our journey, we pick up habits and negative thinking that cause us to lose our way!

We start out as babies with every potential in the world, but most of lose that perspective and come to think we have limitations!  And then the very worst thing in the world happens.  We lose our own hope and then we start to believe that we are not enough now and never will be.  Our fears and negative self talk take over and we are stopped in our tracks on a path towards unhappiness.  We are each meant to enjoy our lives!  Yet, too many of us get stuck in negative patterns and miss out on prosperity, loving relationships, great health, and the other great things that make life fun.

This is why I am so excited to be back in business!  I absolutely love helping my clients weed out the junk that is holding them back.  It is a privilege to work with individuals like you and see you  finally let go of the hurt, guilt, fears, and false beliefs that have plagued your life for years, even decades!  My belief breakthrough sessions help clients connect to the power within that babies naturally offer the world.  I am planning new programs and experiences that I am excited to launch that will help you quickly transform your life and business.

Thanks for letting me part of your journey.  Life is good and it is exciting for me to be back!

Yesterday there were two annoying flies buzzing around my kitchen. I have no idea how they found their way into my abode, but I wanted them out! In the scriptures that morning I had read the following scripture:

“All things bear record of me.” (Moses 6:63)

I take the scriptures literally, so when it says “all things,” I believe God means ALL things. I had determined that when faced with less than ideal or annoying situations, I would ask myself how my circumstances could bear record of Him.

So as the flies flew around my head, I stopped to think how do these little bugs bear record of God.

My first thought was that flies keep us humble (they bug us just enough to let us know we are not in control!), but that is not the right answer. Internet research taught me that flies have a more important purpose than bugging us humans. Flies are tasked with being part of the ecosystem and consume waste and dead animals. Were it not for flies, the earth could be filled with millions of years of waste! So while I thought flies were meant to annoy me, they actually perform an essential service.

The fly lesson is that while we sometimes feel that we are facing an annoying problem, in actuality that very problem may be part of a bigger plan that is for our greatest good.  The good news is that we can release our annoyances in a quick energy session and move right into feelings of gratitude.  When we can shift our energy into a spirit of gratitude, life flows easier and our problems quickly resolve.

“It is in the whole process of meeting and solving problems that life has meaning. Problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure. Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and our wisdom. It is only because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that we learn.” –M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Challenges and problems are part of this life. Both are inevitable and each of us eventually have the opportunity to decide how we will deal with the challenges that come our way. Lately, I have had some challenges but I am grateful because I know that I grow through new experiences. Here are some affirmations to use when you find yourself facing a new challenge.

  • I am courageous.
  • I am wise.
  • I use my courage and wisdom to create solutions.
  • I am teachable.
  • I am growing spiritually and mentally.
  • I am patient.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about myself and develop new strengths.
  • I am creating a better future.
  • I am a problem solver.
  • I have all the talents and resources I need to resolve this challenge today.
  • I am open to learning and growing.
  • I am happy to have experiences that allow me to grow and develop into my best self.
  • I rise to meet life’s challenges.

Print this list and post in your home for those moments you need to remember your strengths.

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