We all have those days and moments where we forget we are powerful creators, destined for happiness and success.  Music has a huge impact on our spirits and this playlist was designed to lift you up, inspire you, and help you remember that you really can do great things!  I use this playlist when I am feeling down or disconnected from my purpose.  The lyrics of each song are positive, inspire action, and help me to be in tune with my own power.

You may find one song sticks out to you and causes you to move towards your goals – listen to it as many times as you need to because you really do deserve to feel good and be happy!

1. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

2. You’re Not Alone – Marie Miller

3. Roar – Katy Perry

4. Let it Go – Idina Menzel

5. Best Day of My Life – American Authors

6. Brave – Sara Bareilles

7. Live Like a Warrior – Matisyahu

8. Good Time – DJ Fit Hits

9. Life – Beckah Shae

10. I lived – One Republic

11. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

12. Now is the Start – Fine Frenzy

13. Dare You to Move – BYU Vocal Point

14. Take On the World – Rowan Blanchard & Sabrina Carpenter

15. Newsies Medley: Seize the Day – BYU Vocal Point

16. Glorious – David Archuleta

The LITMUS TESTI am seeing tons of social media friends determined to simplify!  I have friends clearing out their homes to go live on the road in RVs, I have friends clearing out the clutter, and I have friends saying “no” more often.  Perhaps we all need to simplify one aspect of our lives or another.  Seeking greater happiness, my friends are recognizing that material things and picture perfect lives are not where joy is found.  Joy is found in giving ourselves permission to be ourselves!  Joy is achieved by listening to the voice inside and honoring what she knows.  She is a smarty pants, but sometimes we completely ignore her, which often leads to frustration and unhappiness.

Too often we say yes to the wrong things.  And we tell ourselves no to the activities that would actually cause us delight.  We keep belongings that no longer serve us.  (I know you are not a hoarder, but do you have anything around your home that no longer serves you?)  We ignore our intuition in order to please others.  We stifle our own desires either because we are fearful of disappointing others or because we just don’t stop and listen to our spirits!

Happy lives can be found in learning to ask and truthfully answer fantastic questions.  Here is the litmus test that can be applied throughout your life:

Does this spark joy??

As commitments and opportunities come your way in your business, you will know if you should participate if you simply ask yourself those four words. Does speaking at this event spark joy?  Do I feel a spark of joy when I think about partnering with that person?

Does this pair of size ultra-small-maybe-some-day-they-will-fit jeans hanging in my closet spark joy? Or do they bring in a different feeling?  If they don’t spark joy, I need to pass them on to some skinny toothpick that will find delight in them!

Does going to meet my friends with the kiddos in the park spark joy in my heart?  Some days, yes!! This week?? I chose to just get back in bed and read my Kindle!  Yes, I could have gone to the park and would have had fun – but truthfully my spirit craved some quiet time.  So without any judgement and a little giggle, I got back in bed in the middle of the afternoon.  This simple indulgence did spark joy!!

I am not suggesting you give up on life and get back in bed every day – but I am challenging you to be honest with yourself and seek joy.  Let go of the activities that no longer lift and inspire you. Commit to find sparks of joy in both your life and business.

Your heart knows!! Your heart is designed to give you that little spark so that you can find the things that truly make you happy!   We should be experiencing sparks of joy on a daily basis.  We are meant to be happy but it is up to us to create that in our own lives.  When we increase our joy, we naturally increase our positive energy.

Try this simple tool out and let me know how it works for you!


I have found it helpful to have reminders of what I am creating.  Enjoy these Facebook cover images to help keep you focused on your vision.












Last week I found myself on planes from San Diego to Boston to Atlanta and Houston.  I drove throughout Texas and took the circuitous route to San Antonio.  By the end of the week, my jeans were feeling tight and, while my trip had been successful, I felt discouraged.  I just KNEW I had gained weight.  I could not gauge how much and so I decided it was probably 5 – 8 pounds.  I started thinking through how long it would take to come off and I thought of what I may have done different.  Sure I had found a drive thru or two, I may have ate pizza at a little hole in the wall near Harvard, and I am pretty sure I don’t regret that milkshake!  Ugh.

The funny thing is that I wasted so much time telling myself things that may or may not be true!  My thoughts became a run away train and I found myself entertaining thoughts like, “Next week I am eating only vegetables!”  (While a good idea, I know I am not going to do that which means the statement really just takes power away from me.)

When I finally decided to get on the scale, I discovered I only had gained 3 pounds. Three pounds.  Man, the mind is a tricky thing! I had myself convinced I would need larger jeans and that I would not be able to tackle this problem until my travels end later this summer.  I pictured myself throughout the summer feeling like a bloated beached whale! What a trip!  Pure guilt set in, self depreciating thoughts were making a mark, and I definitely was not owning my own power!

We MUST take control of our lives by taking control of our minds.  We must tell our minds the TRUTH!  It is time to stop letting the lies in your head determine your life experiences.  YOU were born for this time.  There are things that only YOU can do.  There are choice experiences all around us, but there is a distracting force that wants you to forget that you were indeed created for something more.  The opposition wants you to believe you are worthless, that your situation can not be salvaged, and that you are destined for a pitiful life.  This is simply not true!

Be bigger than me and do not let the fear of not being enough or gaining weight stop you in your tracks.  BE YOU!  Stand up, enjoy your personal progress, celebrate your commitment to yourself to live your best life!

For every problem under the sun, there is a perfect solution that Heaven has already created and lined up.  No matter where we might find ourselves, a solution to our stress and woes will manifest itself.  Sometimes when we are in the thick of a situation it is challenging to see the ultimate outcome, and it can be hard to keep the faith and KNOW “it will all work out.”  I know I have been guilty of only accepting solutions that fit my stubborn point of view.  I wonder if we might struggle longer than necessary because we are not fully open to whatever answer Heavenly Father presents.

I am a mom that is adamant about 7 PM bedtime.  My children have gone to bed at 7 for years.  Over the last year, we have experienced a Boomerang problem. You know how that works, right?  We put the kids to bed, they bounce back out to tell us something, to use the facilities, to whatever. We had a problem, but the bedtime was a non-negotiable item for me.   I was not going to budge on the bedtime because I put in long days and I know children need adequate sleep in order to be their best selves.  I tried rewards, I tried bribes, I tried threats, yet I still had my little Boomerangs popping their heads out of their room.  If they did happen to stay in bed, a wrestling match might take place.  The noise would escaclate and I would still have to go be the parent.  One of the major points of an early bedtime is to allow me some time-off from my most important role!  Even though my kids were always in bed with the lights out by 7, more often than not they were either teasing each other or coming out to find me.  Clearly, we needed a new plan because the old one was not working.

Last week I found myself at home to do the bedtime routine without my husband’s help.  I was bone tired and had NO patience for the bedtime shenanigans. I told my young sons that if they would get ready for bed fast and not have any problems doing the routine, the next night I would leave the light on so they could read for ten minutes.  My bribe worked and has been the magic answer for the last week.  No more boomerang game, no more teasing, no more noise.  The solution was so simple and yet so perfect.  If I had simply been open to leaving the light on for them, I could have experienced peace in my home at night so much sooner!  Be open, listen to Heaven’s voice and find the solutions you need to bring peace to your life and home.  Always remember that He knew you would have a problem and He has already prepared the resources and answers you need to create the optimal resolutions.

I have been operating on an average of five (5!) hours of sleep for the last several months.  Despite every effort, our newest baby continues to wake up in the night.  I have changed my prayers from “please help her to sleep through the night” to “please help me to endure and still be a good mom with such little sleep.”  I am trying to surrender and just learn whatever I can while I am in this season.  That said, the lack of sleep does impact my physical energy, and, at times, my patience.  I also find it harder to be productive and to stay focused and on purpose.  It is challenging to be motivated to do everything when one is so tired!

Today I just wanted to stay in bed.  I could hardly force my eyes open but willed myself out of bed to go take care of my children.  They deserve my best and I want to give it to them.  However, by lunchtime I really just wanted to give in to my fatigue and call it a TV day.  I was tired, my house was a mess, I felt unproductive and Josie-grossie, and every noise made in my house sounded like the dreaded nails on a chalkboard.  My nerves were shot and I had fallen into a hole of negativity.

I knew I could just let my children watch TV all afternoon and get a bit of rest.  I knew they would be occupied and safe and I was tempted to give in to the urge.  However, I don’t want my kids to be couch potatoes.  I don’t want them to remember mom just laying in bed.  I want to teach them to work and play.  I want to be in their midst showing them how to love life, how to treat one another, and how to be happy.  I can’t do those things if I am in bed!  And don’t get me wrong, there are times where the best decision for the entire family is for momma to get some sleep! But today, I decided to just try.  I determined to give myself fifteen minutes.  I decided I am the one that calls the shots around here.  I decide if each day is good or bad, and I have the power to impact the success of my day.  I can have a less than desirable morning and still save the day by making conscious choices to participate in our family life in positive ways!  I can choose to smile through it and focus on gratitude instead of wallowing in my fatigue.  So with fifteen minutes on the clock, I left my bedroom to face the music.  I asked my children to help me and we picked up the messes.  We cleaned the kitchen and the family room and started a load of laundry.  I cut some fruit up to serve as a snack and I began doing energy work to shift my attitude and chase out the effects of sleepless nights.  And you know what?  Fifteen minutes was enough to change my bad day into a good day.  I was able to reengage in my life.  It was a simple choice and resulted in simple actions, but it was enough!

Getting busy for fifteen minutes may not be the answer every time, but it made all the difference for today’s set of problems.  I didn’t climb any mountains or set any records, but I did enough of what needed to be done.  I was able to be pleasant with my children and accomplish a few tasks that help keep our home happy.  And for today, that is enough.  Should you find yourself wanting to quit midway through a bad day, give yourself fifteen minutes and see if the landscape does not change!   Whatever it takes, you deserve a great day and you have the power to make it so.

Think about your mind and everything inside it.  You have all types of knowledge from every class you ever sat through.  You have life experiences that caused growth and helped you become who you are.  You have memories, random facts, creative ideas, and more all stored within the phenomenal organ called the brain.

While much of our brain is filled with great knowledge, we also store negative things that we do not need.  Negative thoughts we pick up from others.  We may store lies we have told ourselves for years and years.  It is like keeping a little (or big!) file filled with our personal criticisms and bad experiences.  Soon our brain becomes crowded with pure junk that will never serve us.

Recently, my husband visited a new rental property where the owners were true hoarders.  Boxes of belongings and junk were stored from top to bottom.  The garage was filled to the brim to the point one would not be able to maneuver through to find anything if needed!   Our brains are just like the hoarders  home!  If we fill our homes or our brains with junk, there is not space to see and enjoy the beautiful and good things!

Belief breakthrough sessions are all about releasing the junk, letting go of the limiting beliefs and lies that kept us stuck.  As we remove the false beliefs, we create space in your mind for the new positive seeds to grow and flourish.  It is as if someone has come in and magically cleaned the hoarders home!  With the right organizer and systems, a hoarder’s home can be orderly and light can actually come in through the windows!  Everything belongs in a certain place and a home actually seems larger!

Similarly, belief breakthrough sessions remove the junk that is taking up space in your hearts and mind.  Peace and balance are quickly restored, light can come in, and new space is actually created!  The new space opens you up to personal progress and development, weight loss, prosperity, creativity, and more.

You deserve to experience your true self, without all the junk that keeps you stuck!

Anyone Can Master the Art of Juggling!

Feed the kids. Clean the house.  Fulfill civic responsibilities.  Create.  Be involved in your neighborhood. Exercise.  Eat healthy. Connect with your spouse or significant other.   Increase your spirituality.  Build your business. Take time to serve another.  Run the errands. Pay the bills. Enjoy some personal time. Meet friends for dinner.
There are  so many good, necessary, and important things vying for both our time and attention.  Everyone has to prioritize their time, and it becomes a major juggling act to make even the basics happen.  And then there are the people who know they were born to do something big.  These people know they have a purpose and feel driven to achieve their dreams and goals.  Everyone on the earth has a purpose, a mission to perform, and gifts that only they can bring to the world.  The only difference for the people living with a purpose is that they have connected to their mission.  They know what they were born to do and they CANNOT rest until they fulfill that mission.   People with a purpose feel the pressures of the juggling act in astute ways and their desire to successfully fulfill their purpose can become a stumbling block as they try to throw one more ball into the mix.

Perhaps you feel driven to write a book, to open a new business, start a website or create a charity organization.  Maybe the promptings you are receiving are simple but you still can’t figure out how to work one more thing into your busy life.  Jugglers find a rhythm and the greatest jugglers keep adding one ball after another and manage to keep them all going at the same time, their touches becoming lighter and faster all the time.

I accept that I only have the same 24 hours that everyone else has to work with, yet there are things I feel driven to do.  As I rely on myself and try to juggle more and more, I find I grow weary.  I start to feel burdened and overwhelmed.  I quickly start dropping balls everywhere and then can’t seem to get them picked up and back in the air!

Fortunately, I do not have to rely on myself as I add more and more balls into my juggling act!   The balls I am trying to juggle include my family, each family member’s individual needs, my household responsibilities, church duties, personal spiritual development, clients, business projects, people, and more!  It is far to overwhelming to do it all by myself.   I have learned to rely on Heaven’s infinite help.  I constantly check in with Heaven and find out which balls I need to juggle.  I then only focus on the things, people, or activities that He has confirmed are the most important on any given day.  Some days I focus more on my family, and other days my focus turns to business projects, church service, or perhaps even a certain individual.  I let Heavenly Father toss me the balls He wants me to juggle each day, and then I visualize Him catching all of my other balls and keeping them in motion for me.  I know that his capabilities are far greater than mine.  He knows which balls need my highest priority and attention and which balls can be left alone for a day or two or month even.  As we work in tandem to keep my (our) balls in the air, He sometimes tosses in a ball or opportunity that is unexpected.  I am always surprised as pockets of time open up for me and I am able to “juggle” more than I thought I possibly could.

Occasionally, I have tried to bring in my own extra balls.  I have become distracted with things that do not fit into the balance Heavenly Father and I created together.  I usually feel the imbalance as stress mounts and I realize I am juggling too many of the wrong things.  A correction is made, I repent, and then I go back to submitting to His will and guidance.   When I am in harmony with His will, I am able to juggle more and more.  Like a superior juggler, my touch on each”ball” becomes lighter and requires less of me, and I am able to bring more joy to myself and others.