Own Your Own Power Playlist

We all have those days and moments where we forget we are powerful creators, destined for happiness and success.  Music has a huge impact on our spirits and this playlist was designed to lift you up, inspire you, and help you remember that you really can do great things!  I use this playlist when I am feeling down or disconnected from my purpose.  The lyrics of each song are positive, inspire action, and help me to be in tune with my own power. You may find one song sticks out … read more »

The Litmus Test for Joy

I am seeing tons of social media friends determined to simplify!  I have friends clearing out their homes to go live on the road in RVs, I have friends clearing out the clutter, and I have friends saying “no” more often.  Perhaps we all need to simplify one aspect of our lives or another.  Seeking greater happiness, my friends are recognizing that material things and picture perfect lives are not where joy is found.  Joy is found in giving ourselves permission to be ourselves!  Joy is achieved by listening to … read more »

FREE DOWNLOAD: Inspiring Facebook Covers

I have found it helpful to have reminders of what I am creating.  Enjoy these Facebook cover images to help keep you focused on your vision.          

The Weight of 3 Pounds!

Last week I found myself on planes from San Diego to Boston to Atlanta and Houston.  I drove throughout Texas and took the circuitous route to San Antonio.  By the end of the week, my jeans were feeling tight and, while my trip had been successful, I felt discouraged.  I just KNEW I had gained weight.  I could not gauge how much and so I decided it was probably 5 – 8 pounds.  I started thinking through how long it would take to come off and I thought of what … read more »

Perfect Solutions.

For every problem under the sun, there is a perfect solution that Heaven has already created and lined up. No matter where we might find ourselves, a solution to our stress and woes will manifest itself. Sometimes when we are in the thick of a situation it is challenging to see the ultimate outcome, and it can be hard to keep the faith and KNOW “it will all work out.” I know I have been guilty of only accepting solutions that fit my stubborn point of view. I wonder if we might struggle longer than necessary because we are not fully open to whatever answer Heavenly Father presents.

So you had a bad day…

I have been operating on an average of five (5!) hours of sleep for the last several months.  Despite every effort, our newest baby continues to wake up in the night.  I have changed my prayers from “please help her to sleep through the night” to “please help me to endure and still be a good mom with such little sleep.”  I am trying to surrender and just learn whatever I can while I am in this season.  That said, the lack of sleep does impact my physical energy, and, … read more »

Creating Space.

Think about your mind and everything inside it.  You have all types of knowledge from every class you ever sat through.  You have life experiences that caused growth and helped you become who you are.  You have memories, random facts, creative ideas, and more all stored within the phenomenal organ called the brain. While much of our brain is filled with great knowledge, we also store negative things that we do not need.  Negative thoughts we pick up from others.  We may store lies we have told ourselves for years … read more »


Feed the kids. Clean the house.  Fulfill civic responsibilities.  Create.  Be involved in your neighborhood. Exercise.  Eat healthy. Connect with your spouse or significant other.   Increase your spirituality.  Build your business. Take time to serve another.  Run the errands. Pay the bills. Enjoy some personal time. Meet friends for dinner. There are  so many good, necessary, and important things vying for both our time and attention.  Everyone has to prioritize their time, and it becomes a major juggling act to make even the basics happen.  And then there are … read more »