Essential Oils

I use essential oils daily to support my family’s health and happiness.  We use essential oils for all the little things that happen in a busy home.  Here’s the real deal:  Essential oils help me be a better person, a more present (and patient!) mom, and healthy.  I would love to share some of the amazing transformations we have had with the particular oils I use.

I have seen tantrums turn to peace, false beliefs finally let go, and vibrance return to life simply by using particular oils at the right times.  While I do use oils to support and maintain my health in all ways, my passion with essential oils is the emotional support they can provide.

I know I am not the only one with self doubts and family members that struggle with balanced emotions.  All of us at times find life buries us and we do not own our own power!  Truly, energy work has made a huge difference to me but I would not be where I am without understanding how essential oils support our emotions!

Please contact me and I will share with you the particular oils I rely on in my home.  I will also offer you a free consult to help you identify oils that support each member of your family and their current life situations.

I should mention…

These oils are hands down my number one favorite health product!  I had so much success that I told my friends who told their friends and….well, you get the idea!  I never anticipated receiving an income from helping others find a health solution, but now I have a thriving business.

If you would like to be one of my ELITE business partners, email me at  You will receive training on how to get your essential oils, supplements and amazing skin care for *FREE* every month while building your income to 6 figures a year.

These oils are key to not only my health, my also to my business as they help me stay sane, productive, and happy! I use the oils on my children and my entire family uses the supplements for to promote healthy physical bodies and great emotions.