Group Sessions

Why do a group session? Group sessions cost less than a private session and are a great way to introduce someone to the power of Belief Breakthrough sessions.  Your past experiences and sub-conscious false beliefs impact how you currently experience life.   Your business success, relationships, health, finances, and indeed, every aspect of your life is impacted by energy systems.  During a group session, those energy systems are balanced, and your specific false beliefs are released!  We all benefit from our combined energy – if even one person on the call needs something cleared related to our topic, the energy is cleared for that issue for each person on the call.  A group session provides a boost that you will experience externally and internally.

Can group sessions be effective?  Isn’t it better one-on-one? Group sessions are extremely effective.  The energy moves quickly and we are able to help everyone at the same time because we are focusing on a common topic.  Group sessions and private sessions serve different needs.  Your Spirit knows whether your particular situation would be better covered in a private session.  Follow your intuition and do what works for you.  I have many clients that do both group and private sessions.

What kinds of group sessions are available? I typically offer the following topics in my group sessions:

  • Business Boost
  • Family Relationships
  • Finances and Money
  • Health and Wellness
  • Parenting
  • Self Worth and Personal Confidence
  • Talents and Creativity
  • Weight Loss

My upcoming group sessions are detailed on my Events page.

Can I schedule a group session just for my family or a group of my choosing? Yes.  Please schedule a regular appointment and let me know you want the appointment to be a private group session.  Also, please advice me what our focus topic will be.  My minimum rate is $150 for a special group session.   I often work with business groups, mastermind teams, or even couples.

How does a group call work? Register for the specific group session you want through our Events page.  Once you are registered, an email will be sent to you with the conference call-in information.  Please register at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time so there is time for you to receive the call details via email.

What happens on the call? I will do an initial energy clearing at the beginning of the call. After the initial clearing, I simply go where the energy wants to go.  The energy knows what order we need to go in and directs me what the priority is in each moment.  It is similar to a private call, in that I never know what will need to be cleared first – I just do what the energy tells me to do!  Depending on the size of the group, the phones will be muted during the session, and I will open the phones for questions at the end of the session.  These sessions are fun and full of great energy!  Group sessions are a pick-me-up, and jump start your life.  The collective group energy is very powerful and I love working in the group dynamic.

I want to do a group call, but want to make certain my specific concern will be covered. Great!  Please send me a quick email when you register for the call.  Let me know what you hope to clear in the call – please keep your email requests within the topic boundary.  I will make certain each person’s email request is included in our group session.  For example, if the call theme is Money and Finances, the email would be as simple as: “I want to clear my false belief that I don’t deserve money.”