I did it again. It always happens unintentionally. I’m moving with distinct vision and perfect clarity, keeping joy as a priority, when suddenly I realize I have gotten completely off track. I allow myself to get stuck in the busyness of life, I say “yes” to commitments when I should be saying “no,” I throw self care out the window, and I produce as much as I can for the outside world. I know better but I still fall into the trap of life. 

You see, I’ve learned this lesson before. I have learned that I do my best work when I prioritize joy. This is simply me scheduling time for fun, choosing into the spontaneity of fun instead of constantly choosing responsibility. Prioritizing joy means I whisper encouragement into my soul as I do things that just make me happy, because they make me happy. I allow joy to be the goal and the reason and remember I was created for joy.  I just came off a ten 10 business trip that was awesome and fabulous in so many ways. However, I tend to travel with a purpose and like to maximize my time while I am away. I found myself with a completely full schedule (which I like) and didn’t take time to explore the cities I visited. I stayed focused and engaged in my business appointments – and loved it! But my soul needs down time in order to thrive. When I am focused and producing in my business, I must also take time to increase my joy or else I end up burnt out! 

A few years ago my therapist gave me the assignment to practice joy every week. I became a student of joy, testing what actually made my heart sing and what I really didn’t enjoy doing. I marked “joy school” on my calendar so that I wouldn’t overbook myself and I took those appointments seriously. I tried new hobbies, experienced new things, returned to old playgrounds, and just made sure I was actually LIVING my life instead of just surviving it. I loved joy school because my eyes were opened, my heart expanded, and I received new ideas as I was out enjoying myself. As a result, my business and relationships thrived. Creating joy every day must be a priority in order to sustain growth and create happiness.

Your joy matters and if you don’t prioritize joy, it can disappear. Honor that little child inside that craves joy, that wants to  be carefree and engaged in fun. Serve her and she will serve you.

So how do you prioritize joy? 

  • Say yes to the things that don’t make sense but make you smile on the inside. 
  • Schedule “Joy school” and block time on your calendar and then protect that appointment. 
  • Try something new. 
  • Say no to something that you feel you “should” do that actually causes more stress than its worth. 
  • Evaluate your time and make sure your down time truly fills your joy cup back up. 

What brings you joy? Is it scheduled on your calendar? Do you do something joyful every week? Every day? What would it take for you to have a little bit more joy? Do that!

As for me, I am taking time to write. Taking time to be fully present with my kids. Meeting up with friends. Working on some passion projects. Going to yoga. Eating yummy food that I made in my kitchen. 

Remember, you are worthy and deserving of JOY! Prioritize it now and watch your life fall back into balance!