If you believed that you could do anything, what would it be? I love the phrase, “She believed that she could and so she did.” Half of accomplishing anything in this life seems to be just in believing that we can do great things.

I have been putting my positive thinking towards preparing for the upcoming birth of our newest family member. My top goal is a healthy baby and happy mom, but my ideal is to have a natural painless, medication-free birth experience.

The sick-filled days of the past 7 weeks required me to dig deeper to stay positive, grateful, and focused. I learned several things during that time – one of which is empathy for those dealing with either chronic illnesses or depression. As days turned into weeks, it was a bigger stretch for me to be happy and think the right way. I was reminded that the days where I consciously choose my attitude are so much easier. “She believed she could, so she did,” ran through my head over and over.

Too often in calls with my clients and friends, I hear things like “I just can’t do it,” “I can’t keep going,” or “I am done…I can’t do it.” I have had those thoughts too, and find that once I start down that path, it is too easy to go all the way. How quickly negative thinking turns our world upside down! These lies are indeed lies! We are the only ones who determine when we CAN’T do something and when we CAN. Sure, there are those days that really knock us over, but usually just believing in ourselves makes enough of a difference that we CAN do the thing we previously believed impossible.

One of my biggest times of vulnerability is in the five o’clock hour when I already have put in a full day mothering, dinner needs to be created, and nerves (mine and the boys!) are hanging by a thread. I start to think, “I am done…I can’t do anymore…It is not in me to make dinner…I can’t keep the house clean..I am out of patience…” This thought pattern is a bit like stepping on a never-ending merry-go-round that is not any fun and only makes one dizzy.

I have been trying to spot the times that I let negative thinking dictate my outcomes. In general, I am an optimistic person and easily lift myself up out of the funks. Answered prayers always play a role, but it is always key to first start thinking up. Thinking up means I look towards heaven for help, I replace my negative thoughts with positive truths, and I start finding the silver linings in my situations. It never fails that once I start thinking I can do something, that the power and resources to actually do it appear!

Try it this week…when you face the mountain you think you can’t climb or the situation that has enough trouble in it to make you quit, change your thinking! Repeat to yourself, “She believed that she could, so she did.” I also then tell myself, “I can and I already am.” You were born to do great things, life was meant to be enjoyed, and you do have what it takes to master your challenges!