Recommended Reading

Suggested Reading 

All of these books have taught me something powerful about energy work.  

Healing Questions Guide – Wendi Jensen

The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon

Light in the Wilderness – Catherine M. Thomas

Mutant Message Down Under – Marlo Morgan

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality – Donna Eden

Drawing on the Powers of Heaven – Grant Von Harrison

The Message – Lance Richardson

Love, Medicine, & Miracles – Bernie S. Siegel

Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust – Immaculee Illibagiza

Secret of Instantaneous Healing – Harry D. Smith

A Scriptural Discussion of Light – Allen J. Fletcher

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power – Joseph Murphy

Your Body Doesn’t Lie – John Diamond

Do I Have to Give Up Me to be Loved by God – Paul Margaret

The Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto

The LDS Gospel of Light – B. Grant Bishop

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – Karol K. Truman

Your Right to Fly – James E. Melton

Emotional Energy Factor – Mira Kirshenbaum

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life – Wendy Watson Nelson

Inner Bonding – Margaret Paul, PhD

Through His Eyes – Virginia H. Pearce

Energy Medicine – Donna Eden

Remembering Wholeness – Carol Tuttle

Power vs. Force – David Hawkins

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

Heal Your Body – Louise Hay