Success Stories

“Ashlee is extremely inspired. She was able, in a matter of moments, to help me see major roadblocks in my mind that have been holding me back for years, and to give me the tools to clear them and to open my mind to positive possibilities. Holding her affirmations in my mind and heart I am able to make changes each day that are allowing me to see continual progress and success. Ashlee is truly gifted! I am so grateful she was brought into my life at such a crucial time!” — Roslyn Romney Reynolds, Author, Solo -Getting It All Together When You Find Yourself Alone;

“I have worked with energy workers for over 20 years, and Ashlee is my absolute favorite energy worker.  Discovering Ashlee was truly life-changing for me.  She has helped me dig through layers of false beliefs and false programming and bring forth the authentic me.  She has such a kind, gentle approach — I always feel like I am walking on air when I finish a session with her.  In addition to feeling better about who I am right now when I work with Ashlee, I also feel totally capable of becoming the person I envision myself becoming one day.  Ashlee has so many natural gifts that come through effortlessly in her sessions.  I highly recommend her classes and sessions to everyone!” — Coach Alisa, Dallas, TX (

“It was a few years ago when I came to a point in my life that I felt like I was at a “make it, or break it” point.  I felt that I needed some kind of help to continue on or I was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits with everything that was happening in life.  I felt like I was disconnected with our business, my parenting, and my spiritual life. That’s when I felt like Ashlee fell into my lap. After the first session with her I felt like a weight had been lifted off my back and I had a feeling as if literal energy had been placed inside of me; energy to continue forward. Almost like a renewed faith in life and an understanding of my own personal path. I was excited to go home and put this new burst of energy into use. I felt like I had left any fears and frustrations behind and the biggest difference is that I was making a conscience choice that I wanted to move forward.  Not just because I had to but because I wanted to!  The sessions I have had with Ashlee have helped me shape my thoughts and desires into action. I can now feel bountiful and powerful. I know my purpose and am not afraid to fail. I know how to be motivated and energized for each aspect of my life.  I know I could not have felt this way with out Ashlee’s help and training.  She is simply amazing.” –Her biggest fan in Phoenix

“Thank you soooo much for today. What a profound experience. I’m so comforted to know that I have guardian angels who are concerned with my welfare and that of my children. I’m so anxious to learn more. I feel at peace like I never have before about our financial future.” –Tammy

“I really enjoyed being a part of the group session.  It’s amazing how much lighter and more excited I am about life in general.  I really feel more hopeful and confident about what I am capable of. AWESOME!” –Shanna

“I feel amazing today! I just want to thank you and let you know how grateful I am for that!”  –Nicole

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I will always be grateful to you.” –Robin

“Thanks for helping (my husband) yesterday. By the time I got off the call, he was feeling much better and an hour after that, was totally fine. He thought his feeling sick was “weird” and I agreed (I didn’t tell him what you’d done–he’s just not ready to hear stuff like this yet).  Thanks for also helping me. I knew you would be in tune to help me with whatever I needed and that’s exactly what happened. You’re incredible and I’m so glad I know you!”  –Melanie

“I just wanted to say thank you for Wed night, I came into the phone call with shoulders shrugged and walked away with a smile on my face, and have been in a wonderful mood ever since. I am so grateful for what you do.” –Jennifer

“Just a little FYI, so far the neighbors are not bothering us and my husband is a little more upbeat even as bad news keeps coming on.  Thanks, I will keep you up to date.” — LJ, Las Vegas, NV

“It was just an incredible session. Thank you. I better understand the whole process now.   I really like how you interact with your client (me) on the phone, you weren’t just sitting on the other end of the line working your magic. Having me repeat many of the attributions solidified the work being done.  I am hoping my daughter is able to work through her concerns, even letting go of them, thank you for that and so much more.”  –SH

“Thank you so much for the energy call tonight and spending so much time with Jeff and I. I already just feel lighter, like I dropped a bag of rocks and can stand up straight again. I think releasing all the negative thoughts I was having and replacing them with positive ones really helped me gain some clarity. I will let you know how things go, I just wanted to say thank you.”  –Jill in Idaho

“Our Christmas miracle happened last night…Lucy slept through the night for the first time in her life!!! I know so much of it was because of your help and I will forever be grateful. for sure this isn’t the last time I will call you either.”  –KD

“Thank you again for the session yesterday. I appreciate the time that you took to teach me as you worked on me.” –Kaye

“Thank you so much for yesterday.  Completely unexpected and so needed!!”  –S., Utah

“I just had to say thanks again for the workshop you held!  I used affirmations already to help me in getting ready for my talk today.  I found out I was giving it at 9:00 last night and only spent a hour and a half actually preparing for it so I was trying to not freak out and using affirmations that “I do feel the Spirit” and that “I am prepared to give a fabulous talk” along with cleansing breathes really helped me through it.  I do feel so empowered now and I’m so glad you are proceeding full force with these workshops.  You are a great inspiration and did a wonderful job!”  –Carmen

“Thank you for expanding upon your gifts and blessing others!” — Amy

“Your session was just what I needed to get on my feet.” — Emily