Anyone Can Master the Art of Juggling!

Feed the kids. Clean the house.  Fulfill civic responsibilities.  Create.  Be involved in your neighborhood. Exercise.  Eat healthy. Connect with your spouse or significant other.   Increase your spirituality.  Build your business. Take time to serve another.  Run the errands. Pay the bills. Enjoy some personal time. Meet friends for dinner.
There are  so many good, necessary, and important things vying for both our time and attention.  Everyone has to prioritize their time, and it becomes a major juggling act to make even the basics happen.  And then there are the people who know they were born to do something big.  These people know they have a purpose and feel driven to achieve their dreams and goals.  Everyone on the earth has a purpose, a mission to perform, and gifts that only they can bring to the world.  The only difference for the people living with a purpose is that they have connected to their mission.  They know what they were born to do and they CANNOT rest until they fulfill that mission.   People with a purpose feel the pressures of the juggling act in astute ways and their desire to successfully fulfill their purpose can become a stumbling block as they try to throw one more ball into the mix.

Perhaps you feel driven to write a book, to open a new business, start a website or create a charity organization.  Maybe the promptings you are receiving are simple but you still can’t figure out how to work one more thing into your busy life.  Jugglers find a rhythm and the greatest jugglers keep adding one ball after another and manage to keep them all going at the same time, their touches becoming lighter and faster all the time.

I accept that I only have the same 24 hours that everyone else has to work with, yet there are things I feel driven to do.  As I rely on myself and try to juggle more and more, I find I grow weary.  I start to feel burdened and overwhelmed.  I quickly start dropping balls everywhere and then can’t seem to get them picked up and back in the air!

Fortunately, I do not have to rely on myself as I add more and more balls into my juggling act!   The balls I am trying to juggle include my family, each family member’s individual needs, my household responsibilities, church duties, personal spiritual development, clients, business projects, people, and more!  It is far to overwhelming to do it all by myself.   I have learned to rely on Heaven’s infinite help.  I constantly check in with Heaven and find out which balls I need to juggle.  I then only focus on the things, people, or activities that He has confirmed are the most important on any given day.  Some days I focus more on my family, and other days my focus turns to business projects, church service, or perhaps even a certain individual.  I let Heavenly Father toss me the balls He wants me to juggle each day, and then I visualize Him catching all of my other balls and keeping them in motion for me.  I know that his capabilities are far greater than mine.  He knows which balls need my highest priority and attention and which balls can be left alone for a day or two or month even.  As we work in tandem to keep my (our) balls in the air, He sometimes tosses in a ball or opportunity that is unexpected.  I am always surprised as pockets of time open up for me and I am able to “juggle” more than I thought I possibly could.

Occasionally, I have tried to bring in my own extra balls.  I have become distracted with things that do not fit into the balance Heavenly Father and I created together.  I usually feel the imbalance as stress mounts and I realize I am juggling too many of the wrong things.  A correction is made, I repent, and then I go back to submitting to His will and guidance.   When I am in harmony with His will, I am able to juggle more and more.  Like a superior juggler, my touch on each”ball” becomes lighter and requires less of me, and I am able to bring more joy to myself and others.