Friday morning I found myself on an east-bound flight and had the thought to look out the window. I quickly looked out the window and I realized how close I am to the coast and felt grateful. A quick thought came and I was impressed how short this life really is. I realized that if God could create oceans and land and everything that live in both, he can certainly take care of me and mine.

As I viewed the vastness of San Diego, I knew that my little house is one of the smallest parts of this place we call home. Can you see my house? I know, it is hard to find since it is so small. It really is just a little dot in the landscape. What if our time and experiences on this earth are as small as my house in the grand scheme of things? And then I knew that it is really true that this life is just a small part of the eternal plan.

I know the Lord told us and the Prophet Joseph Smith, “Peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment,” but on that plane ride I caught a glimpse of just what He meant. I think this is what they call the eternal perspective and it makes me grateful for the gospel that teaches us these truths.

Affirmation to try: I maintain an eternal perspective throughout my day as I experience all that life has to offer.

***If you have found that life is feeling tiresome and if you are finding it difficult to maintain an eternal perspective, please consider scheduling an Belief Breakthrough session. Clearing your energy brings a sense of balance and opens your ability to handle and enjoy life.***