Think about your mind and everything inside it.  You have all types of knowledge from every class you ever sat through.  You have life experiences that caused growth and helped you become who you are.  You have memories, random facts, creative ideas, and more all stored within the phenomenal organ called the brain.

While much of our brain is filled with great knowledge, we also store negative things that we do not need.  Negative thoughts we pick up from others.  We may store lies we have told ourselves for years and years.  It is like keeping a little (or big!) file filled with our personal criticisms and bad experiences.  Soon our brain becomes crowded with pure junk that will never serve us.

Recently, my husband visited a new rental property where the owners were true hoarders.  Boxes of belongings and junk were stored from top to bottom.  The garage was filled to the brim to the point one would not be able to maneuver through to find anything if needed!   Our brains are just like the hoarders  home!  If we fill our homes or our brains with junk, there is not space to see and enjoy the beautiful and good things!

Belief breakthrough sessions are all about releasing the junk, letting go of the limiting beliefs and lies that kept us stuck.  As we remove the false beliefs, we create space in your mind for the new positive seeds to grow and flourish.  It is as if someone has come in and magically cleaned the hoarders home!  With the right organizer and systems, a hoarder’s home can be orderly and light can actually come in through the windows!  Everything belongs in a certain place and a home actually seems larger!

Similarly, belief breakthrough sessions remove the junk that is taking up space in your hearts and mind.  Peace and balance are quickly restored, light can come in, and new space is actually created!  The new space opens you up to personal progress and development, weight loss, prosperity, creativity, and more.

You deserve to experience your true self, without all the junk that keeps you stuck!