For every problem under the sun, there is a perfect solution that Heaven has already created and lined up.  No matter where we might find ourselves, a solution to our stress and woes will manifest itself.  Sometimes when we are in the thick of a situation it is challenging to see the ultimate outcome, and it can be hard to keep the faith and KNOW “it will all work out.”  I know I have been guilty of only accepting solutions that fit my stubborn point of view.  I wonder if we might struggle longer than necessary because we are not fully open to whatever answer Heavenly Father presents.

I am a mom that is adamant about 7 PM bedtime.  My children have gone to bed at 7 for years.  Over the last year, we have experienced a Boomerang problem. You know how that works, right?  We put the kids to bed, they bounce back out to tell us something, to use the facilities, to whatever. We had a problem, but the bedtime was a non-negotiable item for me.   I was not going to budge on the bedtime because I put in long days and I know children need adequate sleep in order to be their best selves.  I tried rewards, I tried bribes, I tried threats, yet I still had my little Boomerangs popping their heads out of their room.  If they did happen to stay in bed, a wrestling match might take place.  The noise would escaclate and I would still have to go be the parent.  One of the major points of an early bedtime is to allow me some time-off from my most important role!  Even though my kids were always in bed with the lights out by 7, more often than not they were either teasing each other or coming out to find me.  Clearly, we needed a new plan because the old one was not working.

Last week I found myself at home to do the bedtime routine without my husband’s help.  I was bone tired and had NO patience for the bedtime shenanigans. I told my young sons that if they would get ready for bed fast and not have any problems doing the routine, the next night I would leave the light on so they could read for ten minutes.  My bribe worked and has been the magic answer for the last week.  No more boomerang game, no more teasing, no more noise.  The solution was so simple and yet so perfect.  If I had simply been open to leaving the light on for them, I could have experienced peace in my home at night so much sooner!  Be open, listen to Heaven’s voice and find the solutions you need to bring peace to your life and home.  Always remember that He knew you would have a problem and He has already prepared the resources and answers you need to create the optimal resolutions.