go from stuck and surviving, to joy and thriving!

show up for yourself.

i'm ready

You have the right to want a beautiful life and want it BIG! You have what it takes.

However, life can be so messy and overwhelming that we can forget this. It's so easy to feel like we're not enough. But truly there is joy just waiting for you to say “yes” to it. I'm here to help you find your yes, break through whatever is blocking you and deepen your joy.

you matter.

It's time to let go of the heaviness and stop hiding. Release comparisons, fear, guilt, shame and "never enough" energy so you can let your light freaking shine! You were made for more and the world is desperate for you to show up as your brilliant self.

own your own power

“I have mentored with Ashlee for many years and I highly recommend working with her in ANY capacity—as a speaker, teacher, coach, or business partner. Ashlee is a true joy and light! She is continually growing in her beautiful gifts and it has been a delight to see her sharpen her skills and talents to serve. She connects easily with others to inspire them to let go of limitations and take action in a profound yet simple way. I love her faith-driven style and how she includes God in the process of her work!”

“Working with Ashlee changed me. Ashlee taught me to trust myself, connect better with my higher power, and how to love people unconditionally. She helped me believe in my dreams and taught me how to trust God in my personal and professional life. Ashlee has a gift of taking stressful situations—and clients—and infusing peace. I left her sessions feeling confident, calm, connected and empowered to take the next steps. I’m grateful to have the resources and tools Ashlee taught me, and I’m grateful to have her on my team.”

“Ashlee is truly one of my personal angels. She serves from a place of true love and concern for each individual. She has spent much time and effort in developing her gifts that she has been blessed with in a way that is aligned with heaven and full of humility. Through sessions with Ashlee, I have gained clarity, peace and hope. She has equipped me with tools that I can use in my daily life to connect with heaven, help me release what isn't serving me, and find the peace of heart and mind I seek.”


“set your life on fire. seek those who fan your flames.”


Because you can. It’s already inside of you. Let’s use our gifts and show up to serve. 

make an impact


You’re normal. Everyone has them. But they’re no longer serving you. So you can let go of the junk and truly be you.

Let go of your blocks


You're trying to change the world, but you won't take care of you. Are you kidding me?! This is basic, but it's essential. Get empowered because you're worth it, duh.

Take Care of you... finally

Receive support and be empowered to make your dreams a reality. 

come alive + dare to live joyfully.

come alive with us

You totally will! You need to know you are not alone and you're actually not a weirdo. Sure, some people are content with the status quo, but not you and me. No, we will always be seeking to make an impact and be the best version of ourselves we can be! You were divinely created and inspired to become more!

 Even if others don't get it, you can be both an awesome mom and a rock star entrepreneur, at the same time...and you don't have to lose yourself to do that. Mind blowing, right?! Your heart knows it's true and you belong here!

wondering if you’ll ever make it?

Snag my top tips to step more into joy amidst the everyday messes of balancing family and business/career.

cut the chaos!