show up for your health and it will show up for you! 

Yasss, queen!! 

Self care isn't extra, it's essential and you are definitely worth it! I know you aren't treating yourself like the queen you are and I know how to help you fix it! I'm here to give you the essential tools to make you emotional and physical health a no brainer.

You must invest in your health so you can have energy to invest in others. You only have one body and it deserves to be treated like the royalty you are!

psst—I know a little secret!


“I thought I understood essential oils when I bought them from the grocery store — but then I got my first dōTERRA Kit and everything changed! dōTERRA is different! We use every oil in the kit! From managing emotions to dealing with sinuses, stomachs...and sleep! I have a husband and two teenagers and we all feel healthier and happier thanks to dōTERRA!”

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Don't you wish life came with a magic wand? Me too...but, thankfully, essential oils are a close substitute! Life is crazy!!! Chaos happens on the regular around here and oils help me handle it!

I need maximum energy, as well as emotional support, to create a joyful life and business so I had to have the best essential oils on the planet. Essential oils are simply the easiest way to take care of the things that matter—you, your health, and your family.

essential oils are powerful.

“Before I met Ashlee I didn’t know much about oils. She has completely changed the way I live and who I am. I used to be sick a lot and had digestive issues we could never figure out. Now I am the healthiest I have ever been and I am hardly ever sick! Ashlee has helped me in a bigger way than just with oils. Because of her, I am a happier more joyful person. I live my life with a lot more purpose. She has taught me so much about staying positive and seeing the best in people, in life and in hard situations and trials. Because of Ashlee, I am a better mom, a better wife and a better person overall. I am truly grateful everyday for having met her!”


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You are essential!