you have the right to want something & want it big.

rise up, rise above, rise together.

You only have one life! And you are here to truly live it! You are wired for greatness and will not let fear or past failures keep you sidelined.

You can have peace and success, abundance and humility, impact and solitude, kids and a business...all at the same time if you have the right tools at your fingertips. Your dreams are meant to unfold and inspire others so let's get to it!!!

your dreams are possible.

“Heaven was redirecting my life in a major way when Ashlee came into it. She taught me about energy work, introduced me to deeper and more intentional methods of personal development, and showed me a business opportunity that transformed my entire family. Ashlee believed in me and picked me up when I started to sink or doubt or feel insecure. Ashlee is patient, creative, intuitive, loving, brilliant, and sees into your heart to draw the best out of you. I am so incredibly blessed to have had Ashlee as my teacher, mentor, business coach, rescuing angel, and a catalyst for much-needed change. But most of all, I am blessed to have her as my friend.”


Don't think. It complicates things. Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path. 

I know you want more and I have the coolest path to get you there! Your gifts + my business opportunity are magic!

We're talking about joyfully creating a residual income while you live your best life whether that's in your SUV, in your office, or at the beach! Influential women and men are able to leverage their time, create 6-figure incomes, and massively impact their neighborhoods and friends throughout the world. Pretty awesome, right?

partner with me.

“Working with Ashlee the last 15 years is always enlightening. Her joyful approach to life and business fosters encouragement in a unique way that is peaceful and exciting. Ashlee's genius is seeing the beauty in others, helping them discover new gifts and talents, how to develop them and use them to benefit the world in a way that is unique to the individual. I've loved working on different projects with her over the years and am grateful for her lifelong friendship and love.”
—JENNIFER, Entrepreneur

Joy will be yours when you finally choose it. What would your most joy-filled life look like? 

I bet as a little girl you planned to change the world when you grew up And now real life has happened and that dream has been put on the back burner for far too long. Let's change that, shall we???

The time is just right to make that dream happen now because we partner to create change in countries around the world, travel to do service and meet the most beautiful people along the way.

Through dōTERRA and Healing Hands, we make a global impact every single day! Let's talk about your dream and how we can make a difference together!

make a difference.

“I love helping people, and I like knowing we change lives for our farmers and their communities. I like knowing that I’m making a difference from afar. Now that I'm five+ years in, I'm continually impressed with the projects and impacts we are making all over the world.”
—LAURA WASSON, Civil Engineer

come alive with us


True joy is giving to those you have never met.