let go of the fear,
and show up for your life!

you are the magic.

i'm ready

Listen, sister, I get that you might feel messy, but there is MAGIC running through your veins. There is an energy INSIDE and AROUND you that has all the answers. Heaven sees you, knows you, loves you. Your spirit always knows the next step—if we can only be quiet enough to listen.

 It’s time to wake up, show up for yourself & others, and finally be your best self. It’s safe to come out of hiding and be you. You are surrounded by energy that will lift you up—you just need help connecting to it! That’s where I come in! You can own your own power and actually let go of the fear and excuses holding you back. You see, you actually already have what it takes to create success... on your terms.

The question is if you will dare to show up for yourself? You show up for everyone else, but will you commit to doing the work to live YOUR best life?

you have what it takes.

creating joy is my business.

I won't stop caring about you.

You are more powerful than you know. It’s time to own your power,
 break through false beliefs,
 and be your best self.

I bet you feel the constant pull too. You care about your work—is that wrong? And, you have to be present for the right moments with your kids. You want it all, yet never really feel settled in the process. Don’t even get me started on the persistent pursuit of perfection or the debilitating negative diatribe running on repeat inside your head!

Uggh. Here you are TRYING to be fully present, yet sometimes aren’t even sure you are making a difference anywhere. 

I see the real you and immediately fall in love. I see your light and fight for you see it too. You can't hide your brilliance from me and I won't stop reminding you of truths that set you free. You were born for such a time as this and it's time to freaking breakthrough. I am confidant that together, we can create abundant joy in your family life & business.

For powerful women, life can be a constant battle and dichotomy of experiences. You can project confidence and might look like calm on the outside but your insides are fried!!!

The juggle and struggle are real!!! You probably rarely take time to see what’s truly in your heart because you are constantly serving others while pursuing your goals. No judgments over here… I get it because I’ve been there. I remember claiming I was “happy” but yet rarely feeling true joy.

I see you.

I know it seems lonely at times. It can be hard to trust yourself and connect to your divinely given purpose—especially when the laundry is piled high, your business goals seem out of reach and you are still wearing yesterday’s yoga pants. (Hey, who cares if you haven’t quite made it to yoga yet??? You can’t beat cozy yoga pants!!!)

Actually, I care about your yoga class. I care about your family. I care about your crazy dreams. Those things matter—they take life from drudgery to deep meaning.

you’re not alone.

the power is in you

I let go of junk from my past, old stories that no longer served me, and found strength in discovering who I really was. My sharpened intuition became a gift and I began to see I wasn’t the only one stuck in life! I started to recognize my sisters around me that were struggling too—battling old beliefs and challenging situations.

I learned to lean into who I really am while eating chips and salsa every day! I became a student and then a teacher because so many women like you are ready to rise! I brought questions, and He brought the answers. I learned more about my body and how to fuel it with JOY! And along the way, I became addicted to helping others succeed and finally wake up to their own joy. People like you. Maybe we should be besties, because I've got a feeling that you are ready for more too! You're in the right place. It's going to be amazing!

I found myself changing diapers while chasing dreams and wondering “What the heck is wrong with me?” Life should have been okay—yet, I didn’t feel like me. Something was off and I couldn’t figure it out and didn’t know how to break out of the pain. Pain sounds dramatic—but even though I was living my life, I wasn’t truly ALIVE. Somehow I was stuck! I was straddling life—constantly busy while still craving fulfillment & belonging—and felt like a total weirdo for even caring about this stuff. It was like I was dying on the inside and nobody knew it. My energy was funky and I needed hope and healing, stat!

I refuse to give up.

come alive with us

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To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.