energy is everything.

release fear & shame to breathe in confidence & peace.

I see you. I feel your pain without you ever telling me your story. I know if I whispered you the truth, "You are enough," you will never believe me until until your energy changes.

I know the reasons you hurt and why you hide. I know what has broken your heart and what causes you to feel alone. I know you think you would die if someone knew what life is really like for you because I have been there too.

You need to know that your energy hangups are not yours, and you can shift to a new energy anytime you choose, and I can help you learn the right tools to do so!

it's all inside you.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this course from you. I've gained skills and a blueprint for energy work, which are so helpful as I try to help my family, my team, and people around me. But maybe the most important thing I've gotten is a focused course on how to listen to the Spirit, how to trust my instincts, receive answers to questions I have and move forward with trust and confidence in my choices.”
—SARAH SAVAGE, Entrepreneur


Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.

Aren't you tired...of your old story?
Of living in drudgery rather than cultivating joy?
Of holding back?
Of conforming to other's expectations?
Of worrying about every dang thing in your life?
Of struggling to be YOU?

Let's get you a quick fix, babe! It's time to let JOY in because it's freaking time to have some fun!! Let's release the old beliefs that are wearing you out so you can show up the way you have always wanted. 

let joy rule the day!



Joy for the win!

Come learn how to let go, embrace your pure energy, and cultivate joy every day.

What if you could actually be you? For You?

i'm ready

Here's the thing. Every single one of us is broken. You, me. Susie and Pam. And yet, that is the exact thing that makes us lovable. You don't need to be perfect in order to heal. No, that peace is possible in every given moment.

Beauty unfolds as we embrace our joy, increase our grace, and choose into living! The healing comes as we step into who we really are! Being purely alive is about letting go of the false in order to live our truths!

We don't want to just exist! We want to be alive! To feel joy from the small things and to feel the exhilaration of forging new paths because we are called to do it.

healing is inevitable.