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The struggle is so real! Health is everything and in this crazy world, we better be proactive about taking care of ourselves. 

I have been where you are, wondering if these crazy essential oils really can help. Is there really a natural solution that can uplevel my health in a simple and impactful way? The answer is yes and you've come to the right place. When you pair pure essential oils with a dose of love, you always end up with magic!

I bet you are curious and maybe even hopeful...that's normal. No matter what your health goal may be, there is a natural solution to help you!

I know you crave the healthiest you possible, desire balanced emotions and restful sleep, and simply want enough freaking energy to live your life! I've got you and this is the start of something beautiful!

simply natural solutions.

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In your mind, you probably don't come first.  And in reality, you probably don't come first very often, if ever.  Let's shift that!  Let's start a new, simple method of self-care that I like to call "a quick fix"!

What if it were as simple as a quick drop of your favorite essential oils on your wrist to lift, elevate, improve or soothe your mood?  It is that simple, I promise it is! You just need a quick fix!

In fact, my favorite ways to use essential oils are a quick drop on my wrist, or a few drops in my diffuser.  Diffusers are so handy, they will end up in every room of your house.  

This gig is hard...but oils help.  

my favorite fixes.

a simple, quick fix.


I like to think of my oil collection as a collection of fixes.  Sometimes life grabs us by surprise, so you need more than one on hand.  These collections below are meant to get you started to cover the needs that arise in your day to day. 

a collection of fixes.

start off simply.

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You will be connected with me, and we focus on education.  We want you ready for anything!  

How will I know how to use them?

You will receive your own shopping portal where you can purchase online and ship to your door

How will I reorder?

Nope!  You are free to buy oils as you need them, or never again.  But we know you will love them and their benefits.  doTERRA has an optional program for those who buy monthly called Loyalty Rewards.  It's the best way to purchase if you are going to do so frequently because doTERRA will give you loyalty points (like a frequent flier program), making this the most cost effective way to purchase.  Everyone likes free, right?

Am I required to purchase monthly or do an "auto ship"?

Absolutely not!  This is an account for those who want to purchase at a discount.  We hope you love and use your oils, and if you find yourself sharing oils with others, we'll need to help you upgrade your account!

If I purchase a kit and become a wholesale member, does that mean I have to sell essential oils to other people?

common questions.